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This is Video production companies in Johannesburg, a website linking you to the best and most affordable video production companies in Johannesburg, Gauteng and around South Africa. For more information on video production or other marketing or training services for your business contact the professionals on 011 462 7816.

When deciding on which video production companies in Johannesburg , to use for your next marketing video or corporate event, it is important that that the video production company understands your needs. This means that not only should they offer you a good price for the service but also supply you with what you need. That could mean knowing what the final product will be used for .Will it be used for online marketing, Broadcast TV or as a DVD for training. These different outcomes have a different approach.

The way to approach and what to include in the video are very different fro online marketing as for broadcast. Most TV adverts are 30 seconds long and get right to the point.On line is vet similar but may be longer although get to the point sooner. Then when you have a corporate event and simply want the event to be available for public viewing, the approach is completely different.

Here you would be focused on content and conveying either information or an experience of the event. The length is much longer but the content may be highly condensed to capture the full event in a video as short as 1 hour, 30 minutes and even 5 minutes.

Corporate video production companies who focus on this type of video production, should also understand what is the most important part of your event and what should definitely not be missed. The approach is also very different because the event cant be retaken or re-filmed. That is why it is very important to communicate with the video production who you will be working with to ensure the right content is captured and what content is included in the final edit of the video.

Video Production For Corporates

Corporate video production is actually a range of video services that are provided for many different types of corporate requirements. Many might assume that corporate video is for corporate events.This is part of the collection of corporate activity which can require video but the types of production services can range from marketing video to training videos, company messaging, motivational and safety training to mention but a few.

The video production companies in Johannesburg that offer this type of corporate service need to offer a range of video recording types as well as video editing services. This means being able to go from capturing an event to recording shallow depth of field high quality marketing video footage which can be used either for above the line broadcast advertising or below the line , on-line and creative marketing. Video can even be used in a form of interactive activation drives.

The use of video in the corporate or company setting can be as varied as it can be creative. Whether a company needs to simply have a record of what happened at an event, a highlights real to attract future attendees or need a glossy high end marketing tool for their next branding drive, the corporate video production companies in Johannesburg need to be able to offer the range of video quality. This is because it is not a one fits all situation. In some cases a deep depth of field all focused, capture matters most and in other cases shallow depth of field multi shot video is needed.Also the editing process is varied and can be extensive in the requirement for effects and editing skills.

When a videographer or video production company provides video editing services, these can also range from simply editing to provide a cut down version of the original video footage to a full blown high end graphics , animation and special effects edit. Even simple titles for a video production can have a multitude of special effects to make the basic wording look professional.

Although it cannot be expected that the corporate client will know any of these technical requirements, there does need to be a basic understanding of the relationship between the editing skills, and time needed, as related to the price of a video production or a video editing service.

The effort required to make video look professional can be quite costly if the expectations versus cost of the production are not made clear before the production begins.

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